Uganda Safaris

Uganda as the peal of Africa is a country of it own because of its regions being rich of different resources,t is the core safari factor at all times in East Africa region and Africa at large, with its featured land scape ,the green vegetation and the forested land with the greatest of all the endangered primates,mountain gorillas ,chimpanzees,different bird species especially the lake Bunyonyi in the eastern part of Uganda, fresh water bodies with the aquatic life,the wild animals in the gazetted game parks that makes Uganda the order of the day.
For the matter of factor, Uganda’s first class safaris makes it one of the best and most famous tourism country for its high class tourist destination areas,with our experience and perfection on ground,a lot is expected from our safaris basing on our detailed tour packages with our hospitable guides,”tour the nature.”

3 days country lion safari


Queen Elizabeth Nationa Park
This 3 days safari takes you through Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda’s most visited national park. Boasting of one of the highest biodiversity ratings of any game park in the world, the park is characterized with open Savannah to Rain forest, dense swamps and beautiful crater lakes to the vastness of Lake Edward. It has incredible wildlife including tree climbing lions, elephants, hippos etc…Read More


5 Days Queen Elizabeth and Bwindi Tour


Queen Elizabeth and Bwindi National park

This safari takes you to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for mountain gorilla tracking and Queen Elizabeth National Park for game viewing. Gorilla trekking through the deep thick forests of Bwindi in search of the mountain gorillas ranks among the top adventure ………Read more

7 Days Murchison Falls & Kibale Chimps Tour

Murchison Falls and Kibale national park

Depart for Murchison Falls National Park; the biggest national park in Uganda with an area of 3840sqkm, also to take a view of several families of primates including habituated chimpanzees. and other 11 species of primates in kibale…….
Read more

3 Day Murchison Uganda Wildlife Safari

This safari takes you through Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda’s largest conservation area, also regarded as one of the most beautiful parks in Uganda. With the mighty Murchison Falls, a diversity of wildlife, the park is one of the best places in Africa for sightseeing and game viewing given it is home to the Big Four. Youcan view all the Big Five…………..Read More

5 Days Murchison and Queen Elizabeth Vacations

Murchison Falls an Queen Elizabeth

This 5 days safari takes you to Murchison Falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park for chimpanzee tracking, boat trips, game viewing, as well as the appreciation of the different scenery and the game that both most beautiful parks of the country, have to offer. It starts and ends in Kampala …… Read More

5 Days Murchison Falls National Park, Chimpanzee Safari Uganda

This 5 days Murchison and Kibale tour starts and ends in Kampala. You will start visit Murchison Falls National Park, which is regarded as one of the most beautiful parks in Uganda. With its mighty Murchison Falls as well as a diversity of wildlife, the park is home to the Big Four,one can view all the Big Five. You will carry out a Nile cruise and game drives…….. Read More

9 Days Wildlife Safari, Chimpanzee Safari, Mountain Gorillas

Wildlife and the great Apes

Depart for Ugandas national parks with an important and possible view of the rear giant apes in Africa and the entire world(mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzee), here you will have all in one because your tour will be combined with wildlife, a part of birding and the atmospheric scenic tour in the Pearl of Africa …… Read More

12 Days Best of Uganda Wildlife

Wildlife Uganda

Make a famous life time wildlife safari tour in only12 days with greate moods, under the guidance of our local guides that are versed with all unique ares of tourism and extraodinarily hospitable cultures with different people you will have got the best experince, so starnding under our commitement we help you make your tour the needful when you book with us. …. Read More

Uganda Adventure Wildlife Safari (15 days)

Adventure Safari Uganda

Our itineraries are rich in wildlife adventure, and always to the heart of the destination then this 15 days wildlife adventure will take you to the maximum of your safari expectation, enjoy an exclusive tour for those interested in discovering new things in Uganda, have an animated memory with all details as a regarded by our tour experts for the view of the natural world…… Read More

About Uganda

Uganda lies in the eastern part of Africa.its surrounded by the neighbouring countries (Sudan in the north Kenya in the east ,Tanzania and Rwanda then Congo,)
The total area of the country is 236,040 sq km out of which 36,330 sq km is water and 199,710 sq km is land.
Below is a map of Uganda to show the location of destination areas towns and routes for the good of our tour packages.

Uganda’s basic facts

Uganda is composed of different regions,the Northern part of Uganda,eastern part ‘southern part,western part and finally the central part,each of the above has got different tribes with different languages and the official language is English,
currency = shillings
Kampala is the capital city Uganda.
Traffic rules, we keep left.
Time zone< East African standard time 3 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+3)>.