The Cattle Egret

The cattle egret having a binomial name as Bubulcusibis ibis is a species of heron that nests near water bodies, though it feeds in drier habitats compared to other herons. Cattle egrets are also known as cow crane, cow bird, cow heron and elephant bird. Its Arabic name, abuqerdan, means “father of ticks.” The Incubation for the cattle egrets lasts about 23 days, with both sexes sharing incubation duties. The chicks become independent by day 45. Some cattle egrets are migratory. Cattle egrets often accompany cattle or other large mammals like buffaloes and rhinos, eating insects like ticks and flies that disturb them. Males choose a new mate every season. When making nests, the males collect the sticks, while the females arrange them. These small sticks are a hot item as they will steal them from other birds when they are scarce.

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