KIdepo Valley National Park

Kidepo is one of the most spectacular parks in Uganda (1,344 The Park possesses scenery unsurpassed by any other park in East Africa. In the vast panorama you can take on a safari to watch a constant parade of wildlife: elephant, zebra, buffalo, countless antelope and over 200 species of birds. As Kidepo Valley is quite remote, it is easily the most tranquil park. Tucked into the corner of Uganda’s border with Sudan and Kenya, the Park contains sensational mountain and savannah landscapes. The Northern section of the Park is currently closed due to insecurity in Sudan.

Two game-viewing loops connect the rest-camp with prime wildlife areas near the Winy River and the rock escarpment to the south-west. On the northern border of the Park are the Kananorok Hot Springs. This safari Park has spectacular mountains and savannah landscape. The Napore Nyangea Range is located to the west of the camp and the Natera Hills to the east. In the north you can see the 236 meter high peak of Mt. Lotukei. Two game viewing loops connect the Rest Camp with prime wildlife areas near the Winwing River and with the rock escarpment to the Southwest into which Grand Katarum Lodge is being built. Further tracks take you to the Lokadul Palm Tree Forest, at Kananorok Hot Springs on the Park’s Northern border with Sudan.

The thrilling wildlife seen in this area (which is part of the Karamoja region) includes lion, ostrich, cheetah, zebra, kudu and dik-dik. The mountain is positioned approximately 100km northeast of Lake Victoria and straddles the border of Uganda and Kenya. The international boundary is marked by the Suam and Lwakaka Rivers, and the beacon on Sudek Peak. Administratively, the mountain falls into two districts (in Uganda); Kapchorwa District to the north and Mbale district to the south. Measuring, about 80km from north to south, and 50km east to west, more than half of Mt. Elgon (including the majority of its caldera) lies in Uganda.

The drive from Kampala via Mbale and Moroto. Charter flights are available in Kampala.
Attractions Activities:
Game Drives: You will see Lion, Cheetah, Leopard, Bat Eared Fox, giraffe. Watch the Karamojong Pastoralists and know their culture. Visiting time:
Through out the year.


Lodges at the entrance
Uganda Wildlife Authority Rest Camps.
Apoka Lodge which is in the Kidepo National Park, it is a new lodge and is high end tourist market.