Queen Elizabeth National Park

The park is located in the western part of Uganda, bordered to the North by the Mountains of the moon, the Rwenzori and to the West by Lake Edward. The park has both the North and Southern Sectors. The park has been glorified for having one of the highest biodiversity of any game park or reserve on planet earth.

The history of the park has it that as early as 1925, the number of elephants was more than that of the villagers and as such; the inconvenience of destroying crops and other property was paramount. As a result, a department was set up to protect both the people and the animals. Parks were designated, and with many changes in the geography and conservation, the park was gazette as Queen Elizabeth National P/ark.

Queen Elizabeth National Park lies in the western rift valley. Combined with Kyambura and Kigezi reserve, the National park has an area of 2475 sq kms. Its temperature varies from 18 to 28c. As you plan your safari to Queen Elizabeth, please note that the wettest season in during March to May and then September to November.

The best time to visit this park is between December and February. A 3 day itinerary arranged by a recognized tour operator can help you see more of the attractions in the National Park. There are various habitats with in the park, from savannah to wetlands to riverine and then the low land forests. Largely dominated by water, 250 sq kms are lake shores for the re known Lake George and Edward. A trip to the Kazinga channel and Ishasha River will offer you an opportunity to see various birds and mammals as well as wildlife at its best.